Why a CBE Greenland paddle?

*Easier paddling style with less stress on the joints *

*easy to roll with due to paddle buoyancy*

*custom length to suit you*

*loom length to fit your shoulder spacing*

*a variety of materials and weights to suit your budget*


Cedar Boats UK build the ‘Formby Finger’,  ‘Inua’, and ‘The Scrapper’ paddles at following cost:

Western Red Cedar - £150

Inua -  full 4 layer ProFinish carbon (approx 650gm)  - £380

Inua - 2 layer ProFinish carbon/ Glass fibre composite ( approx 850gm) - £340

The Scrapper!   2 layer ProFinish  carbon/Glass fibre composite  (cosmetically challenged!) - £250

+ postage and packing of £20 on all paddles

ex-demo and prototype paddles are sometimes available,  please enquire

2 piece paddles available at extra cost.

Please contact CBUK if interested, we will need some measurements from you to build a paddle.

The ‘Formby Finger’ a traditional form Greenland paddle with rounded tips, and shouldered loom in carbon, carbon hybrid or Western Red Cedar. 

Maximum length 234cm/92” for composite paddles, WRC no limit.

‘Inua’ is an un-shouldered paddle with a smooth transition from loom to blade. 86mm wide blade and larger surface area at 590 sq cm makes this a more powerful blade than the Formby Finger. 6mm thick at blade ends with finer edges and closed cell polyurethane re-enforced blades.

Full carbon paddle is stiff, carbon glass composite has a more flexible ‘feel’ similar to wooden paddle.  You’ll love the feel of them.

Maximum length 234cm/92” for composite paddles. WRC no limit.